Our 99% on-time delivery rate and clean record of service means we always put our customers first.

Our philosophy - Thinking Beyond One Solution - recognizes that all our customers have unique needs that require customized strategies. That's why we work to understand your needs from the get-go. We're on the road with you. Our extensive, best-in-class carrier network ensures the highest quality shipping experience. 

99% ON TIME with zero claims


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No Shortcuts

Shortcuts now can lead to accidents, delays, added costs, or lost revenue later. We create stress-free experiences by taking the time to vet our carriers, ensure all our trailers meet the highest standards, and invest in a team of high-caliber professionals that are dedicated to serving you.

We have a spotless record of ZERO accidents and claims.

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Higher Standards

In logistics two things matter most: reliability and price. We achieve both with every shipment and then turn around and exceed expectations. Our customers come back, time and again, because we get it right the first time. Our customers are family, and we believe in only the best for our family.

Customers trust us as a direct extension to their transportation departments.

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Tech Savvy

To achieve pinpoint accuracy for our customers, we live on the cutting edge of technology. We are Macropoint Enabled and EDI compliant (204, 214, 210, and more) and we provide automated online portals, so you have visibility in real time. When new technologies come along, we’re the first to figure out how they can work for you. 

We innovate, customize, and give you maximum visibility into your shipments.

Maximize your shipping department with Pinpoint.